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Kitchen Witch

Sick of the dinner rut and ready to kick some culinary ass? Say hello to The Kitchen Witch, the sassiest AI chatbot on this side of the kitchen counter. Forget thumbing through dusty cookbooks or guessing what to whip up with three random ingredients. Tell The Kitchen Witch what’s in your pantry and watch it pull out mind-blowing recipes faster than you can pour a glass of wine. Perfect for those with tricky dietary needs or anyone who’s just damn tired of eating the same old stuff. Ready to spice things up? Let The Kitchen Witch work its magic

Cook Connect & Conquer

A membership designed for the bustling entrepreneur who craves to have more fun in the kitchen, and discover the badass home chef withing. It's a sanctuary for those who want to turn mealtime into a time to connection, create memories, and enjoy delicious flavors without all the stress. From done-for-you meal plans to epic meal planner, and our montly virtual cooking classes, we cover all the bases. New themes, recipes, and amazing resources released each month. There's something for everyone, no matter your dietary lifestyle.

Eat & Align with HD

Ready to kick mealtime chaos to the curb? Join our Eat & Align VIP Day and flip the script on your family's food drama. Get ready to master meal planning , crafting delicious dinners that appeal to everyone's unique Human Design. Say goodbye to the bullshit of daily dinner disasters and hello to peaceful meals where everyone feels heard, valued, and well nourished. All tailored to your unique blueprint and that of your family, including schedules, dietary restrictions, and more. There's no cookie-cutter bullshit here...just personalized solutions.


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